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Jaws 16: Feeding Frenzy is a 2012 horror/thriller film about a group of three lifeguards that team up together to stop an invasion of man-eating sharks that begin to attack swimmers in a North Carolina beach. In order to protect the beach guests and save the beach, the three lifeguards stock up on supplies of guns, ammo, explosives, and fishing nets. But during their ongoing duties, the situation begins to take a turn for the worst with the sharks. As the sharks begin to attack the beach in large groups, the lifeguards must scramble as quickly as they can to save the lives of guests at the beach. This was the second film in the "Jaws" franchise to be Rated R in the United States as given by the MPAA.
Jaws 16: Feeding Frenzy

Directed by

Max Spielberg

Produced by

Steven Spielberg
Max Spielberg


Jeff Fitchland
Ron Casey Parker
David Morse
Cary Elwes
Ioan Gruffudd

Music by

John Williams

Distributed by

Universal Studios

Release Date

October 19, 2012

Running time

118 minutes



Preceded by

Jaws 15

Followed by

Jaws 17


  • The film was released on DVD, VHS, and Blu-ray Disc on February 26, 2013