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The House of the Dead is a 1996 horror film set in New York City, where a mad scientist named Dr. Henry Curien unleashes zombies from an AMS experiment chamber by pressing the red "release" button where no one could see him. The chamber was where an AMS agent named Rogan Thomas had kept them. The zombies then spill out into the city by breaking out of their secured containment and cause destruction, as Curien leads them to his mansion. Meanwhile, Curien creates some zombies of his own, as well as some killer mutants and monsters who attack Curien's DBR lab workers. Then a group of teens arrive at JFK Airport for a tour of New York's Long Island looking for a rave, but when they view the Curien Mansion on the outside, they begin to get chased by the zombies and take refuge inside the mansion as they disguise themselves as DBR lab workers, unaware that doing so would make things worse, as it would make them more vulnerable to be attacked by the living dead inside the mansion. Rogan Thomas and his partner Alan Roberts soon grab their pistols and take off to put an end to the situation, terminate the zombies, as well as rescuing Rogan's fiancee Sophie Richards, who is a lab worker for the DBR Corperation. Rogan later finds out in the end that Alan was actually a double agent, and that he was working for Curien the whole time and had only joined the AMS in order to spy on them as part of his undercover mission. It is also revealed that Alan's real name is Alan Curien, and that he is Dr. Curien's brother. After Henry Curien gets shot in the back by an AMS agent named Jessica Williams after he pointed a magnum revolver at Rogan and Alan, a very distraught Alan gets outraged and fires several fatal shots at Jessica, killing her. After immediately blowing his cover, Alan takes off in a jetpack that once belonged to his now deceased brother. A light gun arcade game adaption was developed by Sega and was released for the arcade, Sega Saturn, and PC on October 15, 1996.

The House of the Dead

Directed by

Uwe Boll

Produced by

Mark A. Altman
Dan Bates


Alec Baldwin
Mercury Rising
Katelyn Feterman
Pete Reading
Denise Noplan
Jack Black
Owen Wilson

Music by

John Williams

Editing by

Michael Kahn

Distributed by

Universal Studios

Release Date

October 11, 1996

Running time

92 minutes



Followed by

The House of the Dead 2


This film takes place in New York City on December 18, 1996

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