The House of the Dead 2 VHS cover
The House of the Dead 2
is a 1998 horror film that takes place in the city of Brookyn, New York of where a man named Alan Curien is in attempt to get revenge on the AMS Research Team. After killing Jessica Williams at the end of the first film, Alan gets fired from the AMS and is arrested and charged with murder. But he is soon bailed out of jail by his couisn and is determined to get revenge on the AMS for what they did to his brother and for locking him up, so he starts off by sneaking into AMS Headquarters and creating some zombies, killer mutants, and monsters that he would send out into the city as they would attack the citizens of Brooklyn. Alan would also frame the AMS president Ernest Goldman by creating false evidence such as a videotape edited using software with Alan dressed up as Goldman committing the crime of creating the zombies, killer mutants, and monsters. One of the monsters, known as the "Judgement" even refers to Alan as "Sir Goldman", as part of Alan's plan to frame Goldman. The film begins with the AMS having a meeting at their headquarters, when suddenly, an army of zombies and the Judgement gargoyle known as "Zeal" bursts into the headquarters and begin to attack AMS agents. Zeal then points out and threatens the agents, saying to them "My zombies will stop you!". During the ambush, one of the AMS agents, Monroe Upton, gets bitten by a zombie, and later re-animating as a zombie before getting shot by agent James Taylor. An AMS agent known as "G" tells James to meet him at the library, so James and his young partner Gary Stewart take off to eliminate the zombies before they cause mass destruction. Upon arrival at the library, Zeal, flying over towards James' car, states that he has "already taken care of agent G", and then commands his undead counterparts to attack the agents. A light gun arcade game adaption was released for the arcade on September 29, 1998. The version for the Sega Dreamcast and the PC was first released about two weeks later, and was also part of the game "The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return" for the Nintendo Wii, which was released in 2008.
The House of the Dead 2

Directed by

Michael Hurst

Produced by

Mark A. Altman
Michael Roesch


Ben Stiller
Zack Terrio
Baxter Volvroe
Julie Anderson
Jim Carrey
Alec Baldwin
Mercury Rising
Ella Noxton

Music by

John Williams

Distributed by

Universal Studios

Release Date

October 9, 1998

Running time

110 minutes



Preceded by

The House of the Dead

Followed by

The House of the Dead 3


  • This film takes place in Brooklyn, New York on February 26, 1998 (two years after the first film)
  • Released a week prior to "Bride of Chucky" (another Universal release), the film received positive reviews from critics. Grossing in at $39,421,520 during it's opening weekend, the film remained ahead of "Bride of Chucky" at the box office, which grossed in at $32,383,850 during that film's opening weekend.