Virtua Cop 5 is a 2009 action film featuring the two cops in Virtua City, California from the first four films (Michael Hardy and James Cools) who return in this crime-fighting installment chasing down criminals and protecting the innocent. In this film, the two officers must stop a violent drug cartel from targeting businessmen involved with pursuing their acts and working to close in on the cartel's illegal operations in Virtua City. But the investigation soon turns deadly when the drug lords discover that the authorities investigating the businessmen murders get much more closer to apprehending those responsible.

Virtua Cop 5

Directed by

Douglas Albinator

Produced by

Walter Rowley
Jonathan Schruck


Paul Walker
Derek Redding
Bruce Willis
Robert Wagner
David Spade
Charles Durning

Music by

Jack Springfield


Amblin Entertainment

Distributed by

Universal Studios

Release Date

November 25, 2009

Running time

118 minutes



Preceded by

Virtua Cop 4: The Bear's Shield


This film was released and available on VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc on March 30, 2010


A sixth installment to the film franchise was planned, but was initially cancelled due to actor Paul Walker's death on November 30, 2013. However, in July 2014, Universal Studios announced they will be moving forward with the film sequel without Walker. In which his character Michael Hardy will be killed in the line of duty during an intense shoot out with several armed criminals. The film will feature actor Chris Pine portraying Hardy's brother Jeff, an F.B.I. agent who teams up with officer James Cools determined to catch the men responsible for his brother's death and bring them to justice. Derek Redding will reprise his role as Cools.